About Us

We are Coastal Concrete Pumping

Coastal Concrete Pumping is a fully locally owned and operated business, and has been servicing the entire South Coast of NSW for almost two decades.

Company Profile

The Shoalhaven's Most Trusted

Founded in 2004, we're now considered the most trusted concrete pumping team on the South Coast, with a passionate and knowledgeable team and a fleet of specialised pumping vehicles at our disposal, including vehicles with a 35m, 38m, and 42m boom pump along with a line pump.

The Team

Brad Wood

Brad Wood

Brad started Coastal Concrete Pumping in 2004 with a 21 metre boom pump. At the time, it was one of only 4 boom pumps in the area. In 2005, Brad updated the fleet with a brand new 33 metre boom. It was the biggest and best at the time. Brad has grown the business to a fleet of 3 boom pumps.

Brad has the support of people around him who are passionate and knowledgeable. It is with this support we move into the future.

Allan Behan

Allan Behan

Allan began concrete pumping in Sydney in the Mid 90’s working for Topline. In 2000, he moved to the South Coast and operated pumps for Cleary Bros. In 2003, his family connection at Topline offered him the opportunity to set up and run a South Coast division of the business.

Under Allan, this part of the business prospered. In 2019, Topline offered us the opportunity to purchase their 42 metre boom pump and for Allan to join our team giving us one of the most experienced operators and one of the biggest machines in the area.. It is the years of experience in the Sydney scene that Allan brings to our business which gives us a clear advantage over the others.

Calvin Wood

Calvin Wood

Calvin has been around concrete pumps all his life. He is Brads son and joined the business in 2016 at the age of 17. By the time Calvin was 18, he held his heavy rigid truck license and his boom ticket. He had been around pumps for so long, the job came naturally to him. On more than one occasion, Calvin would be operating a pump and someone would comment “you don’t go too bad on the pump young fella. How long have you been doing it?.” Cal would just smile and say “ About 10 years”. As Calvin has matured, he has learnt the importance of the arduous maintenance which is so important in our line of work. He also has excellent organisational skills and people find him a delight to deal with.

Our Machinery

Our highly specialised equipment includes a 42 Metre Jun Jin Flowcrete JX-ZR42-5, a 38 Metre Everdigm ECP38CX and a 35 Metre Callaghan KCP35ZX.

“I have worked with the Coastal Concrete Pumping team for around 15yrs now on many projects including large volume commercial concrete pours, high end architectural off form projects and difficult access jobs. Brad and the rest of his crew have always gone over and above to provide outstanding service, knowledge and experience to make any type of concrete pour onsite a smooth operation even in challenging situations using well maintained plant and equipment. It is because of the level of professionalism and outstanding service you get from Coastal Concrete Pumping it makes them an easy choice for any project you may have in mind.”

Stuart West - Director, Westbuild Design and Construction Pty Ltd